Yeah, I have a sick, warped sense of humor.  I find this funny and sad because what Bill was on about is true:  We are a culture of mediocrity, a mass fan base of tasteless audiences for talentless performers.

Bill talks about Dick Clark as the purveyor of the pop slop and quasi-musical pablum we consume voraciously.  I’ll take it one step further:  MTV.  MTV singlehandedly ruined music as we know it.  The video era made it possible for people to be commercially successful in the music industry, people who otherwise would probably not have been successful flipping burgers at McDonalds.  But it’s not really their fault.  It’s supply and demand.  Without a vast pool of drooling mouth breathers eager and willing to consume this shit and emulate the performers, these talentless morons could not pollute our culture.  Fuck them all.


The Origin of Mediocrity

Bill was melting down a bit by this point in his career … no doubt frustrated by the course of events around him … sad because I feel as if the weight of reality had just became too much for him to bear … his was a mind of uncompromising clarity … and as his hope began to die the humour became darker and darker …

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