Think back for a moment, to your childhood. Perhaps it was at school, or more likely at home. You had something in your mouth, probably chewing gum (it was always chewing gum), that you’re not allowed, and you’ve been informed that you’re to open your mouth for inspection. 

Humiliating, isn’t it? Especially if you actually have some gum in there. And you have to spit it out in front of all your friends while you get a condescending look from the teacher. There’s a root of embarrassment, right there, and it hasn’t gone away. It’s just lying dormant, waiting for the right catalyst.

When I check a cunt, I’m tapping into that root. It’s bending her over the desk and rudely shoving in a pair of fingers to check. It’s embarrassing, yes. Doubly so if she’s already wet down there. And, because it’s lain dormant for so long, suddenly being awoken makes it all the more an acute sensation, all the more powerful a tool to break her down. 

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