He was restrained

And mainly well behaved

But he had a way with words

That made her shiver

Made her squirm

Made her wet

She tried to be strong

Tried not to let him get to her

But there was something between them

That she didn’t quite understand

She experienced so much in the course of a day

Saw so many sexual images

Read so much explicit writing

But words from his tongue

Meant so much more

And as she lay in bed beside her husband

Thinking of their illicit 2am conversation

Thinking of his workboots

And his needs

His desire for a beautiful wet pussy

She couldn’t help but slide her hand between her thighs

And touch her own

Slick wet cunt

Thinking of him

Imagining him

Feeling him there

He made her drip with honey 

Made her bury her fingers inside herself

Imagining them to be his thick cock

Pushing into her

Imagining it was his talented tongue

Gently stroking her clit

Sliding along her swollen lips

Dipping into her

And she thought about what it would be like when they fucked

His hands on her body

His mouth on her mouth

Every inch of his rock hard erection buried deep inside her

In the end she stopped fighting it

Gave herself totally to her erotic thoughts of him

And he made her cum


Biting her lip

Trying not to make a sound

Trying not to move

Trying not to let the pleasure he gave her

The orgasm that was pulsing through her body

Like a million firecrackers

The tension he created in her

With his words

And his strong presence

Wake the person next to her.

Some nights, being this far apart from him

Was like a rip in her soul…..

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