On Exhibitionism.

I have written often about discreet public play as part of my BDSM pleasures.  Yet there is a related topic I find absolutely fascinating.  Exhibitionism.  I have found that the majority of submissive women harbor exhibitionist fantasies, either overt or subconsciously.

I could fill pages with my musings on this topic, but let it suffice to say I believe almost every submissive gets an erotic thrill from displaying herself.  However, just as each girl is a unique person, a Dominant must understand her motivations and pleasures in order to bring her forward, savor her, and allow her to experience both arousal and fulfillment in serving him.

I believe the key to erotic exhibitionism is the power transfer and the right amount of discretion in the moment.   A Dominant needs to appreciate that many women need him to take control in order to fulfill this desire.  Just as in many aspects of sexual training for a yearning submissive, by taking away her choice, a Dominant compels her to experience what she has craved and allows her to feel the erotic energy with no guilt or trepidation.  Simply put, she does what she is told, and she revels in the experience.

Once I know a girl and her limits (including a safeword), I will never accept the word “no” if I wish to give her an exhibitionistic thrill.  As in this picture – I might stand her naked against the window, and I might flip the blinds open or closed at my will.  

If I want to heighten the experience and make her drip with arousal, I will first blindfold her.  The added sense of fear and excitement – not being able to see who might be watching – is a powerful aphrodisiac for the right girl.  She does not know I am monitoring to keep her safe, but all she knows is that she is being put on display – to please me.  She will also get confused with the sound of the blinds and not know if she is being exposed or protected.  This alone can be a sensually delicious mind fuck.

Appreciate all the wonderful aspects of this dance – and you will never want for erotic intrigue.

So many possibilities … time … place … the impulse of the moment … the dance has steps but it is also an art … one in which you never quite know where the melody will take you … how it will ask you to expose yourself …

At a window … to a passing trucker … in a club … or even by a public swimming pool … the what and where aren’t nearly as important as how it might enhance the erotic experience being shared … the rhythm that such small details can impart are what allow the dance to be magical …

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