On Public Pleasures.

Any good Dominant can arouse a girl and make her drip.  The best Dominants (IMHO) can do this in a crowded restaurant or evening soiree, or in a cafe while sipping a glass of wine.  And nothing makes a girl wet more than feeling the stark contrast of his probing fingers in the midst of the vanilla world.

There is no better mind fuck than to take a woman discreetly.  She will gasp quietly and her eyes will open wide as my fingers find their mark.  She will blush, certain that there is a huge sign hanging over her saying “This is my Dominant, and He is Fingering me Right NOW!”  And she will succumb, yielding her nether regions for my inspection and enjoyment.

I always take the time to survey an environment and I know exactly how to fondle my girl in such a way that no one in the room knows what I am doing.

No one but her.

An area of particular fascination for me … no place too daring or out of bounds … the combination of taboo and the need to stay inconspicuous … instant arousal …

How does my mouth on your cock under a blanket on an airplane sound … 🙂

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