It’s especially fun to pervert parenting techniques. Really plunge you into a mental state of utter condescension and shame while at the same time keeping the setting hyper-sexualised. You poor thing, you would be so very confused.

Take, for instance, the example of the parent catching you smoking. Standard practice is to put you off smoking forever by forcing you to smoke the entire packet, make you sick off them and associate sucking in a drag with that unpleasant nausea of a cigarette overdose. 

I enjoy controlling when and where a girl masturbates, and it’s the kind of thing that’s going to be violated at some point, when I’ve been teasing too much, or if she’s just a little too horny to resist any longer. She’ll get caught, eventually, because she’s not careful enough.

To make her masturbate till she’s sick, though? I think that’s a fitting punishment. Indulge her gluttony, drive her to delirium through self-love. It probably won’t have the same effect as a entire pack’s worth of nicotine and tar in your lungs, but it’d be sure to leave a similar mark. A little black spot in the memory that makes you shiver and squirm at the same time, a memory to dread and revere in the same turn. 

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