Pushed against the cold metal of the car’s bonnet, she revels in the sudden chill, delicious against her hot skin.  As his cock plunges in to her once again and her friend’s delicate fingers stoke her clit, her mind flashes back to the start of the evening…  

Charlotte stumbles out of the cubicle, the taste of her friend’s cunt still fresh on her lips, her fingers still coated from the encounter. Her pussy is alive, a delicious sting echoes the vigorous attention it had just received from Victoria. It was always like this on one of their nights out.
Victoria would invariable seduce her, no matter where they were, who they were with and they would slip away from the rest of their friends as her growing desire overcame her mild, token resistance. Victoria knew exactly the buttons to press and Charlotte loved her for it, her guilty pleasure.    
Victoria tumbles out of the cubicle a few seconds later, dark hair a tangled mess flowing down around her flushed face, still looking gorgeous, Charlotte notes with a touch of faux-disgust. The women smile wickedly at each other across the bathroom as they go about adjusting clothing and hair. 
Both freeze at the sound of a deep, rich theatrical cough.  
The man standing in the doorway is immaculately dressed, the expensive suit and shoes immediately letting the women know that they are not dealing with a bouncer. He has a severe look on his face, arms crossed over a broad chest, his powerful frame clearly outlined beneath the well tailored suit. 

‘What the fuck do you two think you are doing?’ his tone firm, no nonsense.

 Despite having been in this position plenty of times before, something in his presence, his demeanour stops either woman from trying the usual innocent drunken laugh and cheeky wink.

‘Well?’ the word whip cracks from his mouth, dripping with menace, the tone demands an answer. Victoria stumbles over an attempt to dismiss the whole thing, an excuse of feeling ill and needing help. 
All the while, and despite the situation, Charlotte can’t help but appraise him.  
There is something about this man that frightens and enthrals her, an inner strength that seeps out of  the way he holds himself, his stance, the control in his voice. He is no pretty boy, hair tinged with grey, far removed from Hollywood’s idea of perfect but Charlotte can already feel her body reacting to him. 
‘Bollocks’ is the curt response to Victoria’s plea and brings Charlotte out of her introspection. ‘I’ve been out her long enough to know what’s going on. So don’t try to fucking bullshit me. Out now, the pair of you. Follow me.’ 
Neither of the women argue, his barked order enough to overcome the desire to complain at the need to collect coats or inform their friends. He leads them from the bathroom but instead of turning towards the club, he walks through a staff door and a dimly lit corridor. The women exchange glances but remain silent, following close behind the man’s broad shoulders. 
He eventually brings them to a fire door, slamming it open, gestures through it. The scene beyond is a small yard, a few expensive cars parked at random intervals – obviously the private car park to the club. Stepping to one side, he simply points again and starts to turn away; at the arrogance of the gesture Victoria, never one to normally take crap from anyone, finally reacts. 
‘This is totally unreasonable. We have friends in there, we need to tell them we are leaving, what about our coats. I want to see the damn manager and there is no way I am going out there. You can go fuck yourself.’

The smile that crosses the man’s face sends a shiver through both women, they actually move closer together like frightened sheep looking for security in the presence of a slavering wolf. 

Ha. I own this club, this is all mine, so you can ask all you want. You still need to get the fuck out of my club.‘ 

Before Victoria can respond, clearly not prepared to wait any longer, he moves swiftly, grabbing both woman by the arm, not with violence but a firm control, a dark hint at military or marital arts training. He has a physical power which crackles as he unbalances them with the move and half lifts, half guides them to where he wants them.  

A second later they are outside, Victoria’s mouth opening and closing in a lost response. He holds them for a moment longer than needed, their bodies pulled close by the movement through the door. 
‘Exit’s that way’ he nods, ‘Goodnight ladies’  
It is at that final moment, that Charlotte feels his hardness against her thigh. He has maintained his hold and brings his face close to hers. His eyes burn, an intensity Charlotte has only seen once or twice before; her heart races in response to the hidden threat and menace, her pussy throbs, her whole body reacting with a deep submissive scream. 
‘Wait’ she says. 
Victoria becomes still, giving up on the vague struggle against his grip. He says nothing, merely holding eye contact, the lethal predator with  prey in its sights. Charlotte turns, surprising Victoria, takes her face in her hands and kisses her deeply.  
Victoria responds instantly, just as aware as Charlotte of the tension of the moment, the imminent threat has both women’s blood racing. The kiss is full, both women used to the other, tongues finding a familiar partner to play and dart around. 

Finally they pull away, turning again to face their tormentor. Looks of defiance and pride quickly disappear as they find his face stoney, cold and impassive. A moment later, Charlotte finds herself pushed over the bonnet of the nearby Bentley, the bulk and power of the car a solid presence beneath her, his grip still firm on her arm, strong fingers tightening against her soft upper arm – she knows she will find bruises there tomorrow.

He pulls Victoria close in to him, his face a fraction away from hers, his brown eyes glowing like embers which threaten to burn Victoria where she stands, leaving nothing but a pile of ash. When he speaks, his voice is low, clear, resonating deep in the pit of her stomach. She stifles a groan at his control over her, the undertow of menace threatening to engulf her and sweep her away at any point.

Fuck her, fuck her again. Show me what I missed, show me how you made her scream, how you made her shout through your fingers clamped around her mouth. I heard it all, now I want to see what I was missing.

He holds her for a moment longer, his eyes drill deep, reading her and then he releases them both. He steps back, all the better to take in the scene. The women take that moment to look at each other, Charlotte laid out across the immaculately polished surface like some demonic figure head, hair tussled from his earlier handling, dress still slightly askew from the encounter with Victoria.

They exchange looks, assessing the other, Victoria always the dominant, demanding force in their assignations, always the one to hunt. Now this level of outside control has the friend gasping, on the edge of frightened but more turned on than either would care to admit even in their most candid moments together. The whole exchange taking no more than seconds and ends with Charlotte slowly spreading her legs, feeling the solid bulk of the car beneath her.

Victoria turns to focus on her friend completely, finally turning her back on the menacing presence standing close behind her. Placing her hands on her friend’s knees she pushes her legs further apart, then continues the move, sliding her hands over the silk of her stockings, fingernails rasping along the sheer material, pushing her dress up. The swift motion reveals Charlotte’s strong legs, a feature Victoria had always found alluring, and exposes a shaved pussy, already wet, already gleaming.

Charlotte closes her eyes and tilts her head back as her friends hands continue to move, clamping around her hips, holding her in place. She groans as her friend leans down to caress those waiting lips with her mouth, tongue darting out to that familiar place, once again tasting her bitter sweet essence.

The cold of the metal against her bare skin is in delicious contrast to the heat being created as Victoria’s tongue slivers slowly over her pussy, little bolts of pleasure skip over her body as the tip darts and dips along the sensitive skin. She gasps as her friend finds her clit, alternating her movements between swirls and laps against the hard little pebble. She finds Victoria’s hair, taking the long dark locks between fingers, looking to guide her movements.

But Victoria is in her ascendancy, her dominance reasserting itself and she grasps Charlotte’s hand, slamming it back in place against the hard metal surface. Another gasp, followed by a yelp as Victoria’s desire rises and she forces several fingers between her friend’s heavy lips, she is rough, harsh and her friend reacts with a shout of joy.

She moves rapidly; finger, tongue and mouth all moving as one, an unforgiving animal now, a thundering rage of sensations that leave Charlotte’s heart hammering, her cunt screaming for more, to be filled, to be taken, to be used.

All the while he stands there, watchful, waiting, a predatory presence which, in the lust ridden heat of the moment, the women have forgotten. He has been patient, despite his hard cock dripping and straining, more so now than when he first heard them in the cubicle together. He watches with interest as the heat between these two women grows, their passion insulating them for the world.

And he waits, for that perfect moment to disrupt the passion, to interject when it will cause the most chaos. So he bides his time and takes a moment to reflect, to use the memory, the build up to this point to heighten his lust to a tempest ready to be unleashed on the unsuspecting pair.

He had in fact spotting them earlier in the club gently stroking and touching, subtle gestures of lust. In the dark recesses they had thought they were unobserved but he had noticed, he always noticed. As he watched the blond one furtively spread her legs while sitting on the bar stool in the quiet corner of the club letting her friend slip her hand beneath her dress, he had decided that he had to have them both.

He was patient, even then, quietly watching as the blond one stifled a groan, leaning in to her friend as she was brought to orgasm. Watched with mounting pleasure as she was fed fingers coated with her own glistening juices. And as they left, to attend to an obvious need which could not be fulfilled even in this quiet dark space, he followed, tracking them, waiting to act as he is now. 
And then he does.

He moves quickly, as Charlotte begins to quake, her body reacting to the orgasm building low within her, he is suddenly behind Victoria. His hand crashes across her backside, a powerful slap rings out and disorientates her for a moment. He pushes down on her, crushing both women beneath his weight, the sudden switch in pace and sensation dropping Charlotte from her imminent release, her eyes flicking open as her friend is forced between her slick thighs.

He moves with malevolent force, pulling Victoria’s dress above her waist in one swift movement, his legs kicking her legs wide. In the same movement he uncouples his belt, ripping open his suit’s fly, releasing his engorged ravenous cock, bears down with suppressed fury against Victoria’s unsuspecting cunt lips.

He is a beast which has slipped its chains, quickly mounting Victoria, his heavy hands wrapping her hair like a chain which he uses to arch her back against his forward thrust, easily slamming his cock deep within her swollen pussy in one deep sudden move. She screams in shock and ecstasy, as his full length invades her, greedy flesh pulling and sucking as his hard length.

He continues his chaotic embrace, hips pumping rapidly, aggressively hammering in to her. One hand slides past Victoria and buries itself between Charlotte’s ruby lips. Disorientated with each thrust, Charlotte feels each reverberation of her friends body against her own cunt, her clit crushed beneath Victoria’s hips, shooting fireworks of pain and pleasure.

And just as suddenly he stops, ripping his cock away from her dripping cunt, he leans across, heavy hands wrap around both woman, easily pulling them to their feet. Her turns them to face him, flushed faces glowing with a shimmer of passion, chests undulating in time to the hearts which hammer below. He holds them still, changing the pace again, slowly pulling them close, eyes locked.

He moves from one to the other, looking first in to grey blue eyes and then brown but each one shows the glowing ember he is looking for, the small hot core ready to be brought to life, to be made to burn brighter. And he knows they are burning inside, bodies screaming in need, unfilled, frustrated, thrown in to confusion by his shifting patterns, cunts raw with need.

His smile sends shivers racing again through both women, pure wicked intent drips from him. His strong arms move around them, first Charlotte and then Victoria feel the grasp of thick fingers as they wrap around their hair. At first pulls back the heads, exposing delicate necks to which he attends with sharp licks and deep bites.

And then he whispers, jerking each of them to attention, he delivers words of menace, malice, intended to penetrate to their core. He takes his time, one last look, face held close, his hot breath on their lips, a demon tongue flicking out to taste each of them. Then slowly, deliberately he pushes them to the floor, eyes held to him. He pulls them to his vibrant cock, bringing their mouths a fraction from his silky shaft and holds them there, still denied, so close but made to wait. 

He plays, bringing them close, then denies them again, forcing a pleading groan from each ready mouth. Then finally, when he sees their ire rising, the lustful need in each of their upturned faces, he relinquishes his grasp.

Now’ and their lips descend to envelope him. 

Words by — You Make Me Need You —

Picture Source – justemanuell

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