On A Dominant’s Hands.

The BDSM world is alive with all sorts of tools, techniques, dungeons, and events.  Yet, sometimes less is more.  I have found, time after time, that my hands are all my girl needs to be swept away from the vanilla world, its stresses and obligations, and to be transported to the most intimate of spaces with me.  

A Dominant touches a girl in a way she has never been touched before.  While she may have longed for this, even fantasized about it, there is nothing quite like the feeling of being taken by the throat and kissed – deeply.  Or taken by the throat and held against a wall while her body is fondled and she is stripped naked.  Not to be choked, mind you.  To be held in his grip in the way only he can.  To be made to feel that she belongs to him and he will take whatever he wishes for his pleasure.

I wonder how many girls are looking at this image with their fingers poised at the keyboard – ready to type “WANT”.  My girl would most likely type “NEED”.

Absolutely need … to have never had this need satisfied is to walk in a desert thirsting hopelessly … thankfully there is such a thing as an oasis … if you can only find it …

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