Humiliation is a tenuous thing. So heavily tied to degradation, it’s tricky not to go overboard, start to really do some damage to a girl’s self esteem, break her down so that she can’t rebuild and come back. 

But to tread that line, to perfectly balance at the cusp of utter destruction of the individual, that’s a mighty tonic to sip. To feel their entire personhood in the cusp of your hand, as they sob and plead, knowing that they really, desperately want this, but at the same time are fully aware of how destructive it can be… it’s a heady sensation.

You just have to know when to pull back, when to stop indulging the sadist inside of you, and start to pull her back up and away from the edge. 

And, if I was really, truly honest, that’s the part that I get the most out of. Being able to return the power that I so cruelly stole just moments before. It lets me have my cake and gorge on it at the same time. The best of both worlds.

My Dom is a little unique in that He doesn’t believe in humiliation at all … so this was an interesting insight for me … no doubt His motivation is similar … He could go further than He does … the power to do so having been given … but the altruistic reward to be found in not indulging further … in so doing allowing the power to flow back … is a greater draw for Him …

It is this basic hold on humanity that I find so particularly appealing about Him …

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