Trust is a topic that comes up time and again. It’s beyond just a cornerstone of a relationship between a Dominant and a submissive, it’s the entire foundation. Without it everything comes tumbling down, nothing but ruins in seconds. 

Choking, beyond anything else, involves a phenomenal amount of trust on both sides. Wanting to be choked isn’t just enjoying the lack of air, it’s to intermingle the feeling of desperate, exhilarating fear, that pumps your brain full of endorphins and kicks in that fight or flight response, with sex. But it’s so very dangerous, and so the submissive must have complete trust in the Dominant’s hands, their judgement, their intentions, and their love. 

But that’s not where it ends. The Dominant needs trust too. He has to trust himself, above anything else, to be able to make that call. To be able to know when to let up, when to keep pushing. It’s why so many wholesale refuse to involve sex in a scene, as they fear it will impair their judgement to the degree where they’re no longer acting in a safe manner. In many ways, there’s more danger on the side of the Dominant, because the responsibility lies with them, whether that’s just their perspective or not. If something goes wrong, they’ll blame themselves forever. 

So yeah, trust is pretty important. Apologies for the sombre tone.

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