It had been a long leisurely walk along the beach. Dogs of every description, large and small. Friendly hellos from passerby and chatter with a new best friend. Sunset on the horizon.

I had asked if she thought it strange that I like to “hang out” with him. She laughed and said yes. I was very different from his others. The ones who came before.

A “shallow Hal” she had always thought. Perennial victim to the allure of blond hair, huge boobs and a charming smile. Not that she considered me entirely different, just more.

They worried about him. His life turned upside down in more ways than one. Strange or not she said she quite approved. Liking the idea that he might find someone right after all. Someone caring.

No way for her to know and no way for me to tell just how strange. That she would be a friend and accept me so readily though was an unexpected bonus. One of those sweet accidents in life.

Just one more piece of a wider world.

Suddenly, as the sun set, the rain came and we ran for shelter. Sat on a bench under some barely serviceable branches to call for rescue. Clear directions however could not be offered, so she set out on foot instead to bring someone back. Through the downpour. I was left behind to mind her puppy and wait.

Rain isn’t quite the same in the tropics. When the drops fall there isn’t the same chill. So even as it ran down my cheeks and drenched my dress I could only smile.

There was warmth in the air and the smell of flowers. There wasn’t a thing to run from. There was only my companion and I. So I scratched his ears and kept him close and waited.

It wasn’t a long wait, but long enough to drink in a memory. One of many.

As he bundled me into his car the last rays of sun were just disappearing.

“Well I guess you’ve gotten your first taste of rain down here”, he laughed. “It rarely gives much warning.”

I wrapped myself in the sweater he had offered and curled into my seat.

“I liked it”, I said. “It reminded me why I came.”

And we both smiled.

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