Where to Find It

Off in a derelict building down by the bay she finally found it. The wrong side of town made right.

His directions had been iffy to say the least. It had taken much longer to arrive than she had anticipated.

Endless detours and thoughtless distractions. Her mind stopped to see the spectacle all around. Feeling the present through a veil of perpetual past tense.

Still she thought: vague guidance and an intermittent flow of information hadn’t helped either.

Where was he really taking her? When would they get there? How would she know they’d arrived?

Following clues to a foregone conclusion.

So now arrived and wondering; she could only stare at the bareness of the place at first. A sweaty dusty warehouse once. Now just peeling paint and rusted metal. Nails poking out of the floor like signposts screaming “beware”!

Just such a place had always haunted her dreams. And though the day was humid and warm she shivered. A little.

Dichotomy in blacks and grays. The severity of a certainty. And an invitation to abandon.

Yet for all its hard edges and lack of obvious charm the place still felt familiar. Every door and window open. Every corner hers.

Every echo an answer to some long forgotten question.

And perfect clarity besides.

She knew he would fuck her here. As she had always dreamed. In the black and white. In shades of grey.

Stripped bare she felt the warmth of home in every empty corner. Close kin in every broken shard of glass.

Wrong turned upside down and sideways. No longer a word to use or fear; only fear now used to write new words. And encompass better deeds.

Wrong made right. Sun shining through broken windows. Reflecting off pools of standing water. Peeking through holes in walls.

Wrong made right.

And there he was at last. In a basement room. Now open to the light. Victim of some stray catastrophe. It was that hole in the floor that she looked through by which she did find him.

As fresh and new as a favourite photo. Strong features and smiling eyes.

“I missed you love”, he said. “I missed you so”.

That was all he said.

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